this group is dead. its fallen apart until further notice. sorry everyone, i let you down //

earthlobter456-deactivated20140 asked:
Can all you eeveelutions wear tutus for me, please?

[EEVEE]: Fabulous.


askeeveeloids asked:
Miku: How come you guys don't have hair?? I mean, you have fur, but not hair like me! N-not that it detracts from how cool you look!

[EEVEE]: Heck if I know.

(sorry- just trying to get an ask or two done ;; apologies)

[ UMBREON ] I’ve returned from the war. Florida was hot. I need refreshments before I faint.

(( hi Cassanova-mun was in Florida for four days ))

askshinyvulpix-deactivated20140 asked:
Hey Leafeon are your ears really leaves? That would be CRAZY.

[ LEAFEON ] My ears are actually leaves. But don’t get any funny ideas! That’s my job.

((go charmander))

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askmelissathevulpix asked:
Melissa stepped up to the group of eeveelutions, tilting her head at them curiously "Uh... I hate to ask but... are you all related or did you guys meet up in some other way?" she asked, looking around at the group.

Noni glanced over her shoulder toward the Vulpix, leafy tail swaying slightly as she turned to face the fire type. She chortled in response to her ask, “No, no,” she chided, “We’re not related at all. It’s such a silly question to ask, but you were curious. No, we met up through…a mishap of events. Y’see I like to think Glaceon, or Lotte, really started it all. What with his grouchy, yet alluring, personality— I feel that we just can’t resist sticking together!”
Her eyes drift toward the ice type with a slight snort, “Although you didn’t hear it from me, alright? We all seem to carry our differences, what with our beliefs and prayers being completely opposite from one another. Eh, although I like a little bit of quarrel in the day, I do fancy having an actual conversation other than being brushed off or pushed away because of a religious thing.” She turned her paw slightly before looking back down toward the fox.